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1. 굿모닝 뉴스
Just last year, British ocean rower Roz Savage became the first woman to cross the Pacific Ocean alone, in a rowboat. In fact, women are the fastest-growing segment of America's adventure travel industry.


2. Screen English Review

You've got to be kidding me.
지금 농담하는 거죠.
You get to go find a new dream.
새로운 꿈을 찾을 수 있겠네요.
I think it's for the best.
이게 최선인것 같아.
Are you hurt?
어디 다쳤니?
Please speak up.
제발 크게 좀 말해봐.
I've spent my entire life hiding from people.
평생을 사람을 피해 숨어왔어요.

굿모닝팝스 (월간) 5월호 (오디오 CD 별매)
저자 : 한국방송출판편집부
출판 : 한국방송출판(잡지) 2011.05.01

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