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1. 굿모닝 뉴스

Headline: MRI Brain Scan May Detect Alzheimer's Decades Before First Symptoms.

Scientists are starting to find evidence of the disease long before symptoms appear.
In the latest research, MRI scans show telltale signs in the brain a decade before memory and thinking are affected.


Headline: Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir

So Whitacre's experimented. He rounded up singers, had them sing individual into webcams while listening to a piece of his on headphones, and the a technician cut the videos together. The experiment was so successful.


굿모닝팝스 (월간) 5월호 (오디오 CD 별매)
저자 : 한국방송출판편집부
출판 : 한국방송출판(잡지) 2011.05.01
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